Buying a Monument Online?

It’s not surprising that you can buy a monument from the comfort of your home. However, despite how convenient and easy it may seem, there are complications that may not be apparent to a monument buyer. 

You'll need someone to set the monument.

This is often overlooked.

  • Many cemeteries don't offer a setting service. If you buy a monument online, you'll need to find out if the cemetery provides a setting service.
  • If the cemetery doesn't offer a service, you'll need to hire a professional monument company.

Cemeteries have rules and require permits.

  • Each cemetery has its own rules and regulations for the gravestones set on its grounds.
  • If the stone you order does not comply with your cemetery’s standards, they will not let you set it.
  • Wilen Monument works closely with the cemeteries in the area to assure that your stone stays within regulations. We handle the permit applications, fees and rules so that you don’t have to.

You'll get what you pay for.

  • Free shipping isn’t always free. Often sites will tack on a charge after you’ve entered your payment information, if the stone you’ve ordered is not a certain size.
  • You may buy low-quality or unethically quarried granite.
  • The workmanship of some online dealers is of low quality.

Limited customization.

  • Designing a memorial online may limit your choices.
  • A popular option for monuments is to have a ceramic or porcelain photo inlaid into the stone. Online companies often times do not have this option, or overcharge for it. 
  • Color options for granite are often narrowed down to the cheapest and most common types of stone. If you are interested in a specialty granite (specific color, different grain) you could be missing out.
  • Special shapes and custom engravings may not be options.