[1] What made your loved one unique?

What were their hobbies, interests, and special talents?
Write them down so nothing gets left out.

[2] Do you have an ideal completion date in mind?

Make sure to mention it!
Some granite will take longer than usual to receive. We don’t want you feeling frustrated and in the dark.

[3] What design ideas do you have for this monument?

Is there anything that you wish to see on there? If you don’t know what you want, that’s ok. That’s why we have design specialists. 

[4] Are there any special extras you might want?

There are many choices: vases, porcelain photographs, solar lights, laser etchings, specially painted engravings, and online memory sites.

[5] Would there be a special shape or color that fits your loved one better?

We have many standard shapes and sizes, with unlimited custom shapes available.

The more effort a person invests in a product during the personalization process, the more self-expressive value this product obtains, and the stronger the emotional bond with this product becomes.
— Oslo and Akershus University