Purchasing and Creating a Monument


Is a personal and permanent decision.  For many, it’s also the final step during a trying time.

We understand the overwhelm and apprehension, so we developed our proven 3-step process to guide you. Many of our clients have found this to be a very pleasant and memorable experience when designing and purchasing a headstone.

During this little journey we get to know your loved one through your eyes, when you share their story. Your design will begin to take shape as we walk you through your choices. Your monument really comes together when we discuss your budget along with the many things discovered on the journey. One of the real goals is to inspire the many memories held within for those visiting your loved one.

Wilen Monument engraves many forms of stone for your memorials, family monuments, grave markers and infant stones. We use traditional granite tablets, slants, bevels, flat markers, also natural boulders and stones. These are placed as headstones, footstones, garden and landscape stones, pet markers & memorials for someone or something dear to us. Wilen Monument (Cemetery Services) has been serving the South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana & North Dakota Areas since 1986.

Remember Those Lost With A Unique Monument

When someone passes on in our lives, it can be brutally challenging to move on from the pain and the hurt suffered from our loss. However, the passing of someone can be marked instead with commemoration of their life and success in this world. Using a headstone, marker or natural gravestone can be the perfect way to create a permanent memorial of their life, ensuring they are never forgotten or lost in the hands of time. Your creation of a memorable and unique monument in a location to visit and reminisce is a powerful way to give yourself strength in darker times.

Save Memories of those Special People

A monument is the perfect way to have a meaningful resting place for the person who has passed on. It’s an expression of what they meant to you, and others, marking the perfect way to remember and celebrate the life and achievements that they enjoyed while they were here.
It’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to leaving a fitting memento. Moving on from losing someone is hard, and having a good memorable experience and haven to goto and remind yourselves of who they were, can be a powerful way to give yourself strength in darker times. A visit to your monument purchased in Belle Fourche can be the perfect place for comfort, inspiration and reflection.

Making Memories Last Longer

The pain of loss and the hurt that we go through can be hard. However, it can be made easier with the help of a fitting natural stone that represents what the person you have lost stood for. At Wilen Monument, our mission is to offer others the chance to get wonderful monuments made custom-order.
We use a team of excellent artisan craftsmen to make sure we can capture the imagery that you feel is most fitting for the person who has passed on. From simple text to a detailed tribute to the individual, you can be as basic or as abstract as you wish.
Everyone has their own history and story to tell – so why not share the story of someone you loved and cared for?
We’ll help you walk through the process and make the challenge of saying goodbye truly a little bit easier. If you are not sure where to start, then come and speak to us today. We can arrange all the information and advice that you need, to create a fitting and telling tribute to the deceased.
For more information, contact us today. As family and friends make final decisions on how to commemorate a wonderful life, we can help you find those special add-ons, tweaks and suggestions that will bring the memories back when visiting or thinking of your loved one.



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