Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

Among the rows of stones is a particularly grubby, water-stained monument.  It looks unvisited and ill maintained. Maybe you wonder what poor soul’s resting place has been left in such disrepair. Imagine getting closer and discovering it is the monument you intended to visit!

Here's how to take care of a monument:


  • use non-ionic or bio cleaners
  • use soft nylon or plastic brushes
  • use distilled water if possible
  • spray or dump water.
  • always start scrubbing with clean water so as to not rub debris into/against stone
  • Water and elbow grease are best tools!

Do Not:

  • use metal scrubbing tools or brushes
  • use household cleaning chemicals or soaps.
  • use sealants or polishes, which can cause water retention, speeding up deterioration.
  • use shaving cream. It has chemicals similar to acid rain, oils will not wash off. It provides an environment for lichens and molds to grow.
  • use flour. It provides an environment for lichens and molds to grow. 
  • use a sand blaster, pressure washer or power tools to clean.